No wedding video is one-size-fits-all. I offer three different packages, from basic to boujee!



The Highlights



You’ve seen it before. A journey from hair and makeup to the sparkler exit.
This covers all of the bases, and is great for sharing!

  • 3-5 minute highlights film.

  • 8 hours of wedding coverage

  • Travel fees covered within Oregon

    See example


Option 2
The ceremony



This is the most popular option, packed with wedding day coverage.
Just like that old VHS tape your parents have around, but without the mullet.

  • 3-5 minute highlights film.

  • A full ceremony video - see example

  • Videos of every toast - see example

  • 10 hours of wedding coverage

  • Travel fees covered within Oregon


Option 3
the Documentary



The penthouse suite of video packages. Featuring an in-depth documentary film, accompanied by all the good stuff from Option 2, and then some.

  • 5-8 minute documentary film - see example

  • A full ceremony recording

  • Videos of every toast

  • Drone footage

  • Raw footage (usually 20-30 mins)

  • 10 hours of wedding coverage

  • Travel fees covered within Oregon


Add ons


Instagram edit

The anticipation is killing them! This is a 30-60s video made for Instagram and Facebook. Ready the week after your wedding.

See example

Drone Footage

Get an eye in the sky and see your venue from above. Clips are added to the highlights film.
(Already included in Option 3)

Raw Footage

See it all. Every clip shot on your wedding day, lightly edited into a single sequence. Usually 20-30 minutes long.
(Already included in Option 3)


A Special Offer

If you’re still booking a photographer, I invite you to consider Alex Elise Photography. We’re a husband and wife team, and we collaborate on weddings often. Her aesthetic mirrors my cinematic style, and I think you’ll find she’s very down-to-earth.


  • Full wedding photo coverage from Alex

    - plus -

  • A 3-5 minute highlights video

  • A full ceremony recording

  • Toasts from the reception

  • 10 hour wedding day coverage



The Fine Print

  • Standard turnaround time is 6 weeks from the wedding day.

  • A $1000 deposit is made at the time of booking, but you can still choose add ons later.
    Even after the wedding!

  • I’m ultra-custom. Is your wedding 3 days long? Do you only want a ceremony video? I can come up with a quote just for you.

  • Travel is included for free anywhere in Oregon, and I’m happy to venture further! Let me know where you’ll be tying the knot and I can build you a reasonable quote.